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Travel in confidence with the best Pilots, Aircraft and Operating Procedures.

Your Pilots

We give our members complete confidence when flying with us because safety will always be our priority. We go above and beyond, ensuring the highest standards are always met and maintained.

Quartz Aviation DA62 aircraft

Our pilots have extensive flight experience with the world’s leading airlines.

They have attained the highest levels in training, including specialised operations into the most challenging airports that the majority of commercial pilots are not permitted to use. Pilots are chosen via a rigorous selection process involving flight evaluations and interviews. We are the only private flight club that monitors its pilots’ licences and validations, ensuring they are correctly qualified.

Each pilot has a profile card so you know who your pilot is and crucially all of their flight experience.

You will see it in their attentive pre-flight inspection of your Diamond DA62. You will hear it in your personal safety briefing. You will feel it as your aircraft cruises confidently towards your destination, commanded by thoroughly experienced and competent professionals, who have achieved the highest training standards in the industry.

We use an ongoing training programme surpassing the industry standard requirements. This allows our pilots to retain their sharp skills and continuous development of knowledge in safety and operational standards.

Quartz Aviation is externally audited to ensure we are compliant with all procedures.

Safety Procedure Comparison

Quartz Aviation Commercial Airline Private Charter
Pilot experience 2000 hours 250 hours 250 hours
Pilot evaluations 6 months 2 years Never
Maintenance EASA part 145 EASA part 145 Not approved
Pilot certifications Tick Tick Cross
Certified performance Tick Tick Cross
Fuel policy Tick Tick Tick
Safety plan Tick Tick Cross
Passenger briefing Tick Tick Tick
Safety reporting Tick Tick Cross