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Frequently Asked Questions

Quartz Aviation is the new solution to domestic and European private travel. We are pioneering environmentally sustainable, economically efficient aircraft ownership, management and operations.

Our net zero carbon emissions, bespoke, flexible journeys are based around your schedule, 24/7 and 365 days a year. Visit thousands of discreet airports across the UK and Europe. Unlike a traditional jet aircraft, the DA62 can operate into smaller local airfields as well as major international airports. This means a significant increase in destinations and a quicker more direct service by being closer to your ultimate destination. Flying with Quartz you gain exclusive access to our unique user friendly booking App that makes arranging any journey simple.

We give our members complete confidence when flying with us because safety will always be our priority. We go above and beyond, ensuring the highest standards are always met and maintained.

Our pilots have extensive flight experience with the world’s leading airlines. They have attained the highest levels in training, including specialised operations into the most challenging airports that the majority of commercial pilots are not permitted to use. Pilots are chosen via a rigorous selection process involving flight evaluations and interviews. We are the only private flight club that monitors its pilots’ licences and validations, ensuring they are correctly qualified. We also use an ongoing training programme surpassing the industry standard requirements.

We have taken the best practices from the airline industry, and improved them, utilising the stylish, safe and comfortable DA62 aircraft as a luxury utility vehicle. Our aircraft, pilots and operations give a consistent high level of experience on every flight. Other operators rely on a network of brokers and charter aggregators to bring their aircraft to market, creating even less transparency regarding who operates the aircraft and to what standards. We are also remarkably less than 1/3 of the total cost of any private jet equivalent.

The Diamond DA62 is the new luxury SUV of the skies, the safest and latest in aircraft avionics, creating a smoother, more comfortable experience. When it comes to safety, positive results are what matter most. Diamond has earned a safety record, backed by real world data, that is second to none. The DA62 is crucially one of the most economical aircraft on the market, emitting significantly less Carbon emissions (only 144kg per hour) in comparison to a Jet aircraft.

Joining Quartz private flight club and becoming a Quartz owner is simple, purchase a share of an aircraft that equals the number of hours you want to fly. You then gain access to fly whenever you're ready, using our easy-to-use booking app, at an unparalleled monthly management and operational cost.

We give the luxury of aircraft ownership, without the operational complexities and hidden costs. Quartz Aviation take care of all the time-consuming expenses of aircraft ownership, including hire of flight crew, paying for maintenance or hangars and negotiating fuel costs.

Owners purchase shares of 50, 100, 200 hours to whole aircraft ownership.

Monthly aircraft management cost ensures Quartz can take care of everything so that your DA62 is always ready to fly in the best condition. We guarantee your DA62 is maintained to the highest standards, by only using the Diamond approved engineers.

The cost-effective private flight operations have never been easier with access to the Quartz exclusive user-friendly app.

If you don’t use all your operational hours, we can lease these with our extensive network of individuals and businesses to help earn you money back.

Our operations include pilots, maintenance, fuel and other enroute charges, with no hidden overheads.

Quartz Aviation has the ability to have a pilot ready with as little as a few hours notice. Usually book the flight the day before to make sure the airport your flying to is open and your aircraft has completed all scheduled maintenance. Whether you require a quick trip from Brighton to Liverpool or an overseas adventure, you can rely on Quartz Aviation to make the impossible possible.

Once you have booked your flight with Quartz Aviation we will confirm the flight within the booking app portal. Let us know any special requests, and send us the passport details for each of the passengers if travelling outside of the UK.

Quartz Aviation recommends that our passengers arrive at the airport 20 minutes before the expected departure (airborne) time. Remember if your running late, you can just message the pilot and delay the flight.

Depending on your flight destination and nationality you may not require your passport when travelling by private plane. However Quartz Aviation always recommends that our clients travel with a passport, even for domestic flights within their own country.

At your departure and arrival airport you will be escorted to/ from the aircraft by both the aircraft pilot and a representative from the handling agent (or FBO), if applicable. If you require ground transportation to or from the airport please ask your Quartz Aviation personal travel advisor who will be happy to arrange this for you.

At your home airport your aircraft will be kept secure in a private hanger, which is easy to park next to. Then its just a few meters to your plane and ready to go.

Large airports have dedicated private jet check-in facilities. These are normally provided by specialist handling agents (often called FBOs). Quartz Aviation will send you detailed directions to the airport facilities and your aircraft pilot will be waiting for you at the entrance.

Customs and immigration procedures must be complied with for all private flights. Customers are often not aware of any checks as in most cases these can be completed prior to the flight. At larger airports the private terminal will have dedicated customs and immigration staff. At smaller airports it is rare to see Customs and Immigration officials although they will be aware of your flight and can occasionally make special visits to the airport to meet a flight.

The amount of luggage that can be taken on a private jet depends on the size and weight. With the Diamond DA62 you can take golf bags, snowboards, many suitcases etc. Typically if 4 people are flying then expect a baggage allowance of 100kg

Private aviation is all about flexibility, so if you need to change your departure time it is generally not an issue. However, please do give Quartz Aviation as much notice as possible so that we can arrange new Air Traffic Control and airport slots to match your schedule.

Some smaller airports have different operating hours, however with the Quartz APP that is all taken care of. So if you wanted to change the departure time and it meant operating out of the airports hours, it will notify you before you change the time.

Changing destination is simple, and can even be done whilst in the air. Just ask your pilot.

For most journeys it is normally easy to add extra passengers onto the flight at the last minute. However to save any embarrassment with or delays for your guests, it is advisable to check with Quartz Aviation first. Speaking to your Quartz personal travel advisor will have this taken care of in minutes.

Also for shorter runways, there may be a limitation on the maximum number of passengers due to the aircraft landing and take off weight limits.

You can fly with your pet in the aircraft - as long as your pet has the appropriate documents for travel. To secure your pet it must be transported on a seat or in a crate. There is no walking space onboard.

The aircraft is unpressurised, which could lead to discomfort during descent for animals with sensitive inner ear conditions.

We always recommend talking to your vet about travel advice as each animal is unique.

Some countries have different regulations for pet flights. For any queries about travelling with pets please contact us.

The range of the aircraft is over 1000 miles. However as there is no onboard lavatory your personal range will typically be around 2 hours flying time which equates to 400 miles. Just like stopping at the motorway service station it can be very quick (20 minutes) if you require a longer flights.

The cruising speed of the aircraft is 200mph.

We invoice monthly and can accept bank transfers and payment by credit or debit cards. To discuss payment options please call +44 (0) 208 088 2033.