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How Quartz Works

Joining our private flight club by becoming a Quartz owner is simple, purchase a share of an aircraft that equals the number of hours you want to fly. You then gain access to fly whenever you're ready, using our easy-to-use booking app, at an unparalleled monthly management and operational cost.

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We are remarkably less than 1/3 of the total cost of any private jet equivalent

Quartz Aviation

We give the luxury of aircraft ownership, without the operational complexities and hidden costs.

Quartz Aviation take care of all the time-consuming expenses of aircraft ownership, including hire of flight crew, paying for maintenance or hangars and negotiating fuel costs.

Diamond DA62 Unlimited hours 200 hours 100 hours
Share WHOLE 1/2 1/4

Aircraft fractional ownership is standard practice in aviation and our user-friendly booking app gives you flexibility with aircraft availability making this seamless. On the rare occasion your aircraft isn’t available when you need it, we use our extensive Diamond network so you can get to your destination.

Quartz Aviation DA62 aircraft

Quartz gives you the option of a share that minimises capital investment with the valuable tax benefit of owning a portion of an asset without the large capital outlay for an entire aircraft.

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