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The Diamond DA62 is the new luxury SUV of the skies.

The ultimate flying machine

The SUV in the skies has a spacious cabin for up to 4 - 6 passengers. Its advanced automation creates a smoother more comfortable experience. Diamond also produce class leading low noise levels in comparison to other aircraft.

Even in poor weather conditions, this plane will feel just like a regular commercial jet, only better, experiencing breath-taking views through the huge panoramic windows.

The DA62 represents the ultimate development of Diamond’s piston aircraft line up, incorporating decades of experience in certified composite airplane construction, safety, jet fuel piston powerplants and advanced avionics integration.

The Diamond DA-62 moves more passengers and equipment farther and faster than anything else in its class, with exceptional fuel efficiency, luxury, and twin-engine security, making it the perfect aircraft to fly short-range trips.

The DA62 from Diamond represents a new pinnacle in piston aircraft design. Its long list of positive attributes includes superb efficiency, quality construction, technological sophistication and aesthetic appeal from every angle. With so much going for it, there’s little question this is an airplane that belongs on the shortlist of the greatest light twins ever. In a word, it’s a winner.

Quartz Aviation DA62 aircraft


6 seats, three-row seating

Excellent cabin access

Luxurious leather interior

G1000 NXi, GFC700 3-axis & yaw damper

Twin 180hp jet fuel AE330 engines

High fuel efficiency

Superb performance in all phases of flight

TKS known ice protection (FIKI)

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