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The Diamond DA42 - The definition of perfection.

Advanced Twin Technology

The DA42 flies effortlessly and burns fuel like a single engine, but with the added safety of a second engine. Impressive cross-country performance pleases owners, with low operating costs make it an ideal option. No wonder it’s the best selling piston twin, by far.

The performance, stability, handling characteristics and ease of operation of the DA42 make it attractive. Superb performance, especially when flying in inclement weather, over inhospitable terrain, over water and at night, nothing beats the safety of continued flight. That is why Diamond’s high performance piston is a twin.

Quartz Aviation DA42 aircraft


3 seats, convenient access

Panoramic canopy

Luxurious leather interior

G1000 NXi with 3-axis GFC700 and Yaw Damper

Twin 168 hp Jet fuel AE300 Engines

Superb Single Engine Performance

High Fuel Efficiency

TKS Ice Protection (FIKI)

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